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I would love to travel to Mexico City, spend a day or two, then go on to Morelia. Of course, all of this is dependent on cost and I may be kidding myself that it is possible. Regardless, I will fly to Mexico. Leslie

3) I am down for traveling as well, depending on how much money I can acquire by then. Has anyone bought their plain tickets yet? Found any good deals? I am also looking into traveling maybe to Guatemala at the end of June and up to Morelia. Is anyone interested? ~Shavone

~ I will be flying to Mexico as well, but I'm not positive on the dates... lots of craziness happening this summer!... but I can get miles for cheap to Mexico City or Guadalajara... so if anyone would like to group with me I am familiar with Guadalajara's airport and both the bus stations in D.F. or Mexico City and Guadalajara. Let me know what dates you are thinking to fly down. -- Jessica :)

-I am flying and was hoping to leave the 30th which is a Wednesday and thinking of flying into Mexico City, but this plans are just thoughts, however I would like to spend at least a couple days in Mexico before the program starts. So if there are any thoughts on that let me know. Andrew

What airline is everyone taking? And where are you flying out of and landing?

What are good dates for people to leave and come back? I have also been looking and American Airlines seems to have good options and good flight times, usually about 6 to 7 hours, tickets are around $800.00. The flight would be out of ABQ to Phoenix or Dallas to Mexico City. The dates I am more or less settled on are leaving either the 30th of June or the 1st of July and coming back the 4th of Aug. Also the flights leave in the morning, so there is time to get situated after the arrival. Andrew

I'd like to travel to either Mexico City or Guadalajara - no preferences. I don't have an airline preference either except that I want to travel with the lowest airfare possible, of course. The best date for me to depart ABQ is July 1st. It is my understanding that we are supposed to travel as a group to get to Morelia but it's not required we come back as a group. So do we just need to coordinate travel to Morelia?

Leslie and Andrew--- if we want we can make us a group I vote we fly into Guadalajara rather than Mexico City (I know both, but I'm more comfortable with Guadalajara) July 1st and come back the 4th (like you both said). I know we just got the e-mail a few days ago about getting flights paid for so we can check into that, if not I would like to take American Airlines.
- Jessica
Contact me by my e-mail, Leslie, Andrew, and Amy. Maybe we can set up a time where we can meet later this week or early next week and purchase the plane tickets together so we can even get on the same flights, if possible. - Jess

Since Dr T sent the info about the possible aid from UNM on air travel I would prefer to travel by air. Has anyone bought tickets yet? Any set plans on flying into Guadalajara or Mexico City? let me know or email me at

Since my dad is hearing more and more horror stories about all of the dangers in Mexico, my parents are reaching a point where they might not let me go at all. I was origionally going to travel by bus, but after hearing about this stipend, i might be able to convince the parentals to still let me go if i fly. Therefore i would love to join or start a group flying on July 1st.
Elena *also, it looks like US Airways is offering the best prices on one-way tickets and i think roundtrip.*

I am thinking about leaving more around the 2nd or 3rd because I do not want to pay for a hotel for more nights than i need to. I am planning on flying to Mexico City then busing to Morelia. I have miles for United Airlines and the flights are a little more expensive, but if anyone also has miles for United Airlines i would love to form a group with them. Otherwise I am willing to fly on any other airline because of the stipend. Please let me know asap what everyone is thinking because i want to book my tickets pretty soon before the prices go up.

I would be willing to leave the 2nd or 3rd if you want to start an official group because it would be really nice to get tickets before prices went up. However i dont have miles with United Airlines and there is about a $200 difference between them and US airways. But they are still cheaper than the $800 tickets suggested by Andrew, so if you cant find anyone else soon let me know.

Elena, Amy, Anybody else
I think I'm planning on leaving on the 3rd, flying into mexico city. Prices have gone up since the last time I looked about a week ago and the cheapest flight I've found is with Continental and it's about $603 round trip(one way is $355). I'm going to check a few more airlines and booking sites, but I want to buy soon so prices don't go up even more. If this sounds good to anyone else let me know and we'll start a definite group.

American Airlines has roundtrip tickets from abq to mexico city for $450 roundtrip at the moment. This is the cheapest ive found so far. I would like to start an official group with you and try to get maybe 1 or 2 more people so we can buy tickets before the prices go up again.

Emma... I'm going to planning on flying out the 3rd as well with American Airlines... I can't go early or stay to long just due to money, but if you want I vote we get together and purchase tickets together Tuesday night after the meeting or before. It will be much easier if we can try and get on the same flights because it will be hectic and for those have never been to Mexico or don't speak Spanish I can imagine it being overwhelming trying to find out group members in a foreign airport. Anyone who would like to fly out the 3rd of July with me please e-mail me at or call me 697-7131 as soon as possible to organize when to purchase tickets. Thanks! -- Jessica

Official group begins now! :) here's my email if that's an easier way to communicate: I've actually found continental airlines and sometimes US airways to be cheaper, but we should get together and check it out and buy tickets soon. I think Tuesday before or after the meeting would be good. email me and let me know how this sounds.

Elena, Emma, Jessica:
I would love to join the group too. I can get together after the meeting if that works for everyone else!

Also, just a side note...does anyone know where it is legal to park around school during the summer? I know they are still ticketing in the lots.

Jessica, Elena, Erin,
I'll bring this up tonight, but I just looked up flights into guadalajara and they were almost $200 cheaper for a roundtrip ticket than the ones to Mexico city.I know Jessica had talked about this earlier, but this sounds pretty awesome. And Erin, I think if you park about a block or so south of campus there are certain areas where you don't need permits to park past 5.


For people going by air. We do not want anyone traveling alone. For air travelers, however, a "group" of two is OK - if one person speaks Spanish well enough to talk to cabbies, bus ticket vendors, etc. We are much more relaxed as regards the trip back. Everyone ends up with a feeling of mastery. Everyone is able to handle their own travel plans with ease - we simply ask students to give us their itinerary and to contact us when they arrive back home.
Dr. T

Hobart Hotel

I was thinking of going on the 3rd too, maybe a few of us women could all pitch in and share a relatively inexpensive hotel room in morelia or mexico city. thoughts?? email me
Nyika --

Emma, Jessica, Nyika, and anyone else planning to leave the 3rd:
I think the best plan of action would be to all meet after the meeting to buy tickets together. We can search around a bit before, and then buy them at the same time so we dont have to worry about someone not being able to buy one. We can also discuss hotels and such. See you all tuesday!