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I am definitely planning on taking the bus and am thinking about going right after orientation in order to be there as long as possible. If anyone has a date in particular they are thinking of, let me know, and I'd be glad to join. I am thinking July 1- ish...

That's what I was thinking too. Either July 1 or 2. I want to travel either executive or first class so there are not too many stops (for safety reasons). However I was looking at all of the bus sites and I can't find very many that leave from Cd. Juarez and absolutely none that have tickets for Cd. Juarez to Morelia or Mexico Sur. So maybe I don't know how to use the sites right.....

I will look into that, and I would also like to travel executive or first class, if also for speediness as well. Would you be down for starting a definitive travel group that leaves on the 1st or 2nd?

I am interested in joining this group for traveling. I'll look into bus info as well. :)

Awesome. I am totally down for starting a definitive travel group either the 1st or 2nd. I'll take a stab at those bus sites again. Please let me know if you guys find anything!

Can I join this travel group? I'm thinking about leaving on the 2nd(or maybe 1st). I checked out some of the bus companies-Estrella Blanca and Omnibus. They both are $1300 pesos. I wasn't able to see the schedule for July because I think they only post them a month or so in advance, but there were dates through the middle of June from Cd. Juarez to Morelia so I think they should have the schedule for July up relatively soon.

That sounds good to me. I'll post anything if I see new schedules up as well. Anyone can email me if they wish at chilo@unm.edu or vencahilo@gmail.com if it's easier to communicate that way.

I am think that Lloyd and I are planning on forming a bus group. If there are two people who would like to join our group that would be awesome. I am planning on leaving around July 1st or 2nd.

Hi bus groups,
So I've talked to several people who have traveled extensively throughout Central America this spring and they really don't recommend bus traveling through the border... They say north of Mexico City is fine to bus around but going through the border either way is really dangerous. I was down for bus traveling but everyone is saying I should just fly. I was thinking about flying down there then busing back but they say busing back up through the border is worse... I'm kind of torn.... I know my family is absolutely against bus traveling as well... Anyone have any words for me?

About bus groups,
There is now a way to travel by bus without going into Cd. Juarez to the bus station. Aaron Salinger, the Spanish 301 teacher has travelled this route within the past year and I've told him to post about it here. South of Cd. Juarez there are safe toll roads to Chihuahua - Zacatecas - Irapuato. I would not hesitate to take the bus on this route and the faculty will be driving this route in a UNM van. We are taking the issue of danger seriously and at this point feel that the percieved danger is much worse than the reality. We will keep everyone updated.
Dr. T

I would still be interested in taking the bus, however I have a question... Would it better if we have a co-ed group busing together? I can also fly if needed, but I am still interested in being able to see so much of Mexico.

I do still want to bus, as well. I would feel better taking this route, especially if the faculty is travelin' it. Co-ed sounds good. I'd love to see much of Mexico and save $$$ :). Thanks for the words, Dr. T.

Is anyone interested on leaving the 30th or the 1st? If anyone would like to start a group or maybe I could join a group that would be awesome.

to the person above (sorry i dont see a name):
so far everyone on this page is considering leaving sometime around the 1st.
to everyone else:
since we are all thinking of leaving at the same time, it would seem possible to even travel all together.
also, so far we have only talked about getting from border towns to morelia. How are people gettin from ABQ to those border towns? i know my parents are not willing to drive me all the way down there and back and i reallly dont want to leave my car somewhere in El paso or something for 5 weeks...
I would love to see more info about this alternative route instead of Juarez.

I am just wondering how many people are still planning on going by bus. Now that this stipend is available I know I'm considering flying if only because my family would be a lot more comfortable with that. I've found some flights that are about $570 round trip, cheaper than I was imaging. What is everybody else thinking?