Early Travelers

This page exists to organize a meeting of all students who are taking advantage of opportunities to travel to Central Mexico well before the program begins. These people will miss the very important Orientations On June 28 and 29. So, if that is your situation, you must meet with me before you leave. We will use this page to organize the meeting. I can have the meeting on any day May 24 - 28.(it should probably be an evening meeting, starting at 5:30 at the Honors Forum at UNM). The meeting will last a minimum of two hours. (Remember, to post use the edit tab, type right into the page, and then, save.

Below, post your name and the day(s) that work best for you.

To get the ball rolling I suggest Monday, May 24. Mike Thomas

the 24th works with my plans! Ryan Martinez

I can also make it the 24th! Gael Whettnall

I am leaving for Guanajuato on the 19th of June, but I donĀ“t return from El Salvador until June 3rd. Is there anyway I can meet you in between those dates? I will be extremely felxible as I know this is a large request. Thanks! --Caroline Muraida