Students can upload filled out form files here:

(The page is unlocked)

This is how you upload a form you have filled out.

1) Save the filled form file somewhere easy to find, your desktop maybe.
2) Logon to the wiki and go to this page
3) Click the Edit Tab - This will open the page for editing (adding and deleting text and files). You will see a bar labeled "Editor"
4) On the Editor bar, click the File icon.
5) Use the "Upload Files" button to locate and select the file you wish to upload to this page (This will, of course, be the file of the form you have filled out).
6) Put the cursor at the position on this page where you wish to put the image or file.
7) Click the icon for the uploaded file to put it on the page.
8) Preview and then save the page. Your uploaded file will now be visible on this page.