Registration Over-rides

Office Administrators (Marcia Glenn - for Honors and Rosario Johnson - ) must issue registration "over-rides" that over-ride the restrictions and allow students to enroll. Marcia Glenn has completed this process vis a vis the Honors courses (UHON 301-031 - CRN 16477 and UHON 399-031 - CRN 18955 ) and has issued over-rides for all students who have applied, submitted an application fee, and been accepted into the program.

As for the Spanish classes you can (1) Contact the Spanish Department (Rosario ) and ask for an over-ride for the Course you want (Spanish 200, 301, or 439). Remember you also have the option of taking Spanish 203 for three additional credit hours - ask for an over-ride on that course as well if you want the extra credit hours.

Alternately, you could contact Marcia Glenn at Honors (by phone 277-4211 or e-mail) and let her know which Spanish Course you want and if you want to take advantage of the opportunity to get three more credit hours via the Spanish 203 route. She will see that Spanish issues the over-rides.

Either way, please notify Marcia Glenn if you are planning to take the 203 option that will allow you to get 10 credit hours for your participation. For Summer Session 10 hours is an overload and Marcia will arrange permission for that overload.