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CONEXIONES/MEXICO 2010 (relocating to Granada, Nicaragua as of 6/2/2010)

As Promised After the June 1 Meeting: (This is where we will have our program center in Granada, Nicaragua)

Important Announcement:

Small Stipends Available for SHL Students (posted April 15)

If any of you (Conexiones/Mexico 2010 Students) are currently enrolled in SHL courses, let me know. I will issue a couple of small stipends to students in the SHL program for travel etc., contact me (Damián V Wilson) at:

This wiki exists:

(1) to provide a forum for information about UNM Conexiones/Mexico 2010, the legendary program of Spanish language and Mexican Culture Study sponsored by the University Honors Program and the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at the University of New Mexico. There is, obviously, a lot of information on Conexiones/ Mexico 2010 on the Conexiones Mexico page of the University Honors Program site. Here is a link to that page:

There is an article on Conexiones, The Face of Mexico that you can read on this wiki. It will give you a good idea of the aims of the directors and the activities students undertake to engage those aims.

(2) to provide a communications forum for everyone associated with Conexiones/Mexico 2010. Members of the wiki can use the wiki messaging to communicate with anyone, several people, or everyone in the group. Members can use discussion tabs to open discourse with others, form air travel groups , bus travel groups , etc. There is also an unlocked page That students can use to become familiar posting on the wiki and as a gateway that will allow for student-created pages.

As students indicate interest in Conexiones/Mexico 2010, they will be invited to join the wiki. The information available on the wiki will be helpful in making decisions, sharing information with parents and others interested in the enterprise, etc.

As students apply to the program and are accepted into the program the wiki will be important as a source of nitty-gritty information on the necessities of the program. They will be able to download necessary forms, get the info. they need on travel, etc. As the directors create wiki pages slanted to students accepted into the program, we will indicate those pages with asterisks (*). There is. for example a *Bus Travel* page with info, links, etc. on traveling to Morelia overland using Mexico's outstanding modern bus system.


1) Check out the Conexiones Mexico/Distant Neighbors Facebook Group - This is a group for Conexiones alumni. Looking at the photos, wall posts, and links you can get a pretty good idea of what people have taken away from the Conexiones/Mexico experience. To find the group go to Facebook and do a search on Conexiones Mexico/Distant Neighbors. Check out all the info and discussion tabs too so as to get the entire picture. Here is a link that should work if you are on Facebook:

2) Here is a powerpoint that features visuals for several important aspects of the program. This is the same show we use for the information meetings.

3) Here is another powerpoint that is more or less of a travelogue of Michoacan. It's maybe a bit heavy on the churches but it is beautiful and gives one a good feel for the varied ecology of the state. The music may be a bit much, but you can always turn down the volume.