Questions and Answers

This is one of those "Frequently Asked Questions" Pages. It will grow and evolve as Conexiones Directors, Faculty, and Staff field questions.

1) Do you have to be in the Honors Program to be accepted into the Conexiones/Mexico 2010 program?

Answer: No, the University Honors Program along with the Department of Spanish and Portuguese sponsors and administers the Conexiones Program which is open to UNM students who have a minimal competence in Spanish (see below) and complete the prerequisite readings and exam . But you must be a student at the University of New Mexico. Students from other universities simply apply for admission to UNM (here is the link: http://www.unm.edu/apply/ ).

2) Are people who have graduated or have been out of school eligible?

Answer: Yes, and Conexiones has a tradition of serving students of all ages and life circumstances. But you must be a student at the university of New Mexico. If you are a college graduate you can apply to UNM as a non-degree student (here is an info. link: http://www.unm.edu/admissions/guidelines/nondegree.html ). If you are not in school and are not a college graduate, you simply apply for admission as an undergraduate (here is the link: http://www.unm.edu/apply/ ). Once you are admitted, your Conexiones Application can be accepted and you can enroll in program classes.

3) How much Spanish do you have to know to qualify?

Answer: Students must have sufficient competence in Spanish to allow them to enroll in a 200 level Spanish class. This means at least one college level course or several high school level courses, or native skills in the language. Conexiones/Mexico 2010 offers Spanish at three levels and can thus accomodate students with skills ranging from very limited to fully bilingual. We cannot, however, accept students who have neither course work nor native skills in Spanish. If you are concerned that your Spanish may be inadequate to enroll in a 200 level Spanish Class, Speak to one of the directors.

4) How many hours of college credit can you get through Conexiones?

Answer: Every student must enroll in a 3 credit hour Spanish course (200, 301, or 439) and in the Honors courses (UHON 301 [not to be confused with Spanish 301] and 399 - 4 credit hours total) for a total of 7 credit hours. Students may elect to likewise enroll in the 203 Spanish Conversation course (3 credit hours) or a 200, 300, or 400 level Independent Study arrangement (up to 3 credit hours). Typically, then, students enroll for 7 credit hours but may enroll for as many as 10 credit hours.

5) Can students get Spanish Credit for the Honors courses (UHON 301 and 399)?

Answer: Yes, but you must complete all of the UHON written coursework in Spanish. Likewise, you must choose the Spanish Version of the Conexiones Cuaderno and complete the cuaderno work in Spanish. The Conexiones director of the Language component will decide whether the work thus completed justifies granting Spanish credit for the Honors work. He will determine this on an individual basis. It is possible, then for students to earn 3, 6, or 10 Spanish credits through Conexiones.

6) If you are not in the Honors Program, how can you use the Honors Credits?

Answer: The Honors credits can be used to meet group requirements in Humanities or Social Sciences. (As noted above, the Honors credits can also count as Spanish credits in some circumstances).

7) Which Spanish Class shall I enroll in at UNM after I complete Conexiones?

Answer: Your Spanish instructor in consultation with the Director of the Conexiones Language component will advise you based on your gains during the program. In general, students make as much progress through participation in the program as they would make in a year of studies on campus.

8) I need to leave the field session early. Is this possible? What arrangements have to be made?

Answer: You may have permission to miss program days only if you inform the Directors and your Spanish teacher well in advance. To do this, you must present a plan that shows how you will make up for the missed sessions and days in the field.

9) Is attendance at the on-campus orientation session June 28-30 necessary and required?

Answer: Yes, all of our experience has shown us that attendance at the orientation sessions is crucial. We accomplish some very important training at those sessions that we have not been able to replicate in an alternative. I circumstances are severely strained as to attending on these days, the directors need to be informed at the earliest possible date so as to weigh various possibilities

10) Is attendance at the on-campus Summary Sessions (Aug 9-11) required?

Answer: Yes. If, however, students have a compelling reason to miss the sessions, they may submit a plan to the Directors explaining how they are going to make up for the missed on campus sessions in terms of the academic research presentations missed and program closure.

11) As regards the availability of travel stipends. The travel stipends, as described, are for the trip from Albuquerque TO Morelia. Are there stipends for the return trip, from Morelia To Albuquerque?

Answer: The funds we have are targeted for the trip to Morelia. The Provost authorized a sum that would allow a $265.00 stipend for any Conexiones student choosing to travel to central Mexico by air. That means there may be funds to help with the return trip depending on how many people use the stipend on the trip to Morelia. Essentially we have a given amount of money for this purpose.
Basically, you are guaranteed the travel benefit of $265.00 if you fly down. If you choose to make the return trip by air, there may or may not be stipend funds available.
Independent of these windfall funds from the Provost, we are often able to provide small stipends at the end of the program to help students with travel expenses on the return trip. Basically, we use the program funds (provided by the student program fees) to run the program. If, at the end of the program, there is money left over, we disperse it to the students in the form of these small stipends. We are able to do this about half the time.
For the time being, you should count on the $265.00 stipend and factor that into your plans in terms of travel and expenditures.

12) Is the travel stipend available for students who wish to travel by air to central Mexico and make the return trip by bus back or is it only availble to students who choose air travel for the return trip as well?
your work.

Answer: The stipend will be available for students who choose to travel by air on the trip to Morelia whatever plans they make for the return trip.